Rich tomato sauce with soft aubergine,courgette and peppers- this vegetarian dish is favourite with everyone

Whenever you are entertaining guests or simply enjoing dinner with your family, you will appreciate the quality of our products

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New!!! Home-style AJVAR

Taste our new product! It's a home-style eggplant and pepper spread that can be used as a sandwich filler, or an antipasto. Nice accompaniment to a BBQ, sliced cold turkey or roasted beef. Spread it on a toast or a cracker.

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Our products have been carefully selected and packed using home-made recipes and inspired by tradition. Ingredients are pure, natural and present the very best of our region. The preparation is home-style, without preservatives or additives. We are excited to bring the culinary world of the Balkan countries to your kitchen table telling the stories of our region through food.